Benefits of EMR

18 Benefits of EMR

18 Benefits of EMR
  1. Records are more legible
    Reduction (or outright removal) of handwritten text means no more wrangling with difficult handwriting, or “chicken-scratch.” If the text is too small, you can increase the size; if the font is difficult to read, you can change the typeface.  No more dealing with inaccuracies from misreading messy handwriting.

  2. Records are always accessible at home or anywhere
    Because you can access your Secure-EMR account from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a web browser, you can check up on records at your convenience from any place, at any time.

  3. Hands documents are digital imaging documents

  4. Better integration between clinical and business aspects
    Secure-EMR handles business aspects of the practice as well, meaning you no longer need to shuffle between at least two sets of workflow procedures to deal with both the clinical and business sides of practice management. Instead, Secure-EMR will automatically enter relevant data back and forth, making the whole process much more conjoined.

  5. Improve beneficiary practice

  6. Improve coding and compliance
    Presentation of coding guidelines means you no longer have to memorize and fret over coding, as all you need to do is essentially go through a checklist. Compliance and other such measures are automated by the system, ensuring that every required detail is covered and not conflicting.

  7. Improve patient safety regarding drug allergies and conflict
    Real-time checking of patient history, records, and intended prescriptions cuts down on patient-medicine conflicts as it provides information about the patient’s medication history as well as the prescription’s fine print in a quicker, more convenient manner.

  8. Improve tracking of lab information
    Digitization of everything allows for labs and referred doctors to send digital copies of lab information, which can be handled automatically to cut down on such tasks as faxing, scanning, and attaching to the respective patients’ information. Furthermore, digitized lab information can be made available online, allowing patients to access their lab information immediately and conveniently.

  9. Tracking transactions such as high blood pressure, blood sugar
    Remove double data entry and save time by placing such information as blood pressure and blood sugar levels directly into digital form in a convenient-to-see locale. When a referred practice wants this information, you don’t need to look in the patient’s paper trail to dig out the information.

  10. Save on transcription costs

  11. Save on medical records staffing
    Automation through Secure-EMR enables many traditionally-time-consuming tasks, such as filling out of billing information, to be done quickly and accurately. This means the practice has less need of able bodies to perform menial, desk-clerk tasks and instead focus on treating patients and ensuring superior patient support, and also means you need less man-hours to perform every task required.

  12. Save on filling charts
    Once you become used to it, filling out charts and papers digitally is often much faster than doing everything by hand, especially as you can concurrently fill out charts while performing a patient interview.

  13. Save on physical office space
    By reducing the need to store paper – often stacks of it – you reduce the need for physical office space, increasing space economy. No more do you need to, for instance, allocate space for a growing library of documents, and have to manage the documents.

  14. Save on paper and toner costs.
    Only print what you need to print, because everything is otherwise accessible conveniently online. This can result in tons of money saved with regards to paper and ink, as the documentation process for medical practices has always been quite hefty!

  15. Save on medical records transportation in cases such as multi-location practices
    Because everything can be accessed online from anywhere at any time, you no longer need to deal with transporting medical records across multiple locations, or having to store multiple copies of redundant information (which further takes up expensive physical space).

  16. Good for marketing as practice seen as cutting-edge
    Nowadays a practice running on tablets performing work tasks crisply is viewed in a much more positive light than a practice still running on paper and pen. Patients prefer quickness and convenience with such aspects as prescriptions, in which an electronic prescription sent immediately to a pharmacy, as opposed to the old-fashioned illegible handwriting that they must take to the pharmacy and then wait for.

  17. Better disaster recovery as practice with EMR and backup plan
    You no longer need to fret over ensuring that you have an effective disaster management plan, and that you are maintaining proper backup records, when you use Secure-EMR. Our data servers are placed in a secure, safe location, and we constantly backup the system, ensuring that the data is always safe, and that even after a disaster, our service is available without a hitch.

  18. Wiping out the paper-based practice