OpenEMR Trun-key Solution

The MOEN EMR is the best solution for EMR.

MOEN EMR offers OpenEMR, an open source Meaningful-Use-certified Ambulatory EMR developed by a team of physicians and programmers through the nonprofit OEMR Foundation. An ONC-ATB Complete Ambulatory HER, the basic OpenEMR package contains “fully integrated electronic health records, project management, scheduling, electronic billing, and interoperability.” This sounds great, of course, but the reality is that the basic package is deficient compared to many expensive enterprise packages.  We at MOEN EMR have thus built upon the OpenEMR, offering such extra tools as electronic prescribing, laboratory ordering and reporting, and a Patient Appointment and Management System, resulting in a complete Health IT package that is more affordable despite packing equivalent features as the “big” enterprise players in the industry.