Gateway EDI & Billing System

Lowest Cost to use with Billing System

Through our partnership with eDoctor, MOEN EMR offers the Gateway/eDoctor Billing System, a collaboration with one of the largest and most trusted claims services in the United States. A 5010-compliant claims processing system, the Gateway/eDoctor Billing is a remarkably intuitive service. This billing system is integrated with the MOEN EMR, eliminating the need for double data entry and separate passwords that commonly arise when using a separate claims package.

Our Gateway/eDoctor Billing System is currently available in two unique packages: Swift and Connect. Connect offers basic revenue management tools, while Swift offers a premier service including unlimited secondary claims and unlimited electronic remittance advice. If your practice is paying too much money per claim, upgrade to the more affordable and convenient Gateway/eDoctor Billing System to experience the power of innovation.