Meaningful Use Criteria

CMS EHR Meaningful Use Criteria Summary

Once you have access to MOEN EMR, you will need to meet 20 of 25 Meaningful Use requirements: the 15 core objectives, and 5 of 10 “a la carte” objectives.

Core Objectives
  1. Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for medication orders (30% of all orders)
  2. Drug-drug/drug-allergy checks (all patients)
  3. Electronic prescribing (40% of all prescriptions)
  4. Record demographics (50% of all patients)
  5. Report Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) electronically
  6. Maintain active problem list of patient diagnoses (80% of patients)
  7. Maintain active medication list (80% of patients)
  8. Maintain active medication allergy list (80% of patients)
  9. Record vital signs (50% of patients)
  10. Record smoking status (50% of patients)
  11. Implement one Clinical Decision Support rule
  12. Provide electronic copy of patient's health information upon request (50% of patients)
  13. Provide clinical summaries following each office visit (50% of patients)
  14. Electronic exchange of Continuity of Care Record (CCR) record (one test patient)
  15. Conduct a security check (once)
Menu Objectives (choose 5 of 10)
  1. Send patient reminders (20% of patients over 65 or under 5 years old)
  2. Incorporate lab results as patient data (40% of patients)
  3. Enable drug formulary checks (all patients)
  4. Create patient lists for specific conditions (once)
  5. Grant patients timely access to their health records (10%)
  6. Generate a care summary report (50% of patients)
  7. Provide patient with educational resources (10%)
  8. Perform medication reconciliation (50% of transferred patients)
  9. Perform test of immunization data (once)
  10. Perform test of syndromic surveillance data (once)