Protection, Secure all your data with Patient's Information

The MOEN EMR Privacy and Confidentiality Guarantee

Protection of privacy is one of the longest-running golden “rules” in the healthcare industry. This is why it has been so shocking that patient data has become just one of the many data-mining pawns in the marketing industry as more and more have turned toward IT.

At MOEN EMR we believe protection of privacy is still one of the absolutes that the medical industry must abide by. We are firmly committed to doctors’ and patients’ rights, believing that regardless of the medium used by practices to perform their work, the traditions of patient data privacy must be kept. With MOEN EMR’s services, your practice’s data will be never be sold, traded, or viewed by unauthorized parties. Data will remain between the patient and the doctor, as it has always been, and the handling of data will always be initiated by the practice, and only for the practice’s benefits.  If the practice would like to terminate doing business with us, we will perform data export at a minimal cost for labor, without including data ownership transfer fees or any other shady fees that often come attached to this transaction.

It’s you and the patients’ data. Why should anyone else be able to access it without your explicit consent? With MOEN EMR, no one else will.