Secure EMR

Lock and Lock. Only Access by You.

Certified Secure EMR is always safe

MOEN EMR’s Secure-EMR delivers superior workflow and improves revenue intake, ensuring that physicians receive customized service and support along with web-based technology that requires no upfront investment or software purchase. MOEN EMR’s platform will soon be the industry’s best-selling Web-based EMR.
Getting started with a certified Secure-EMR implementation is easy: upon completion of the application and approval process, we will assign a dedicated professional to set up and train the practice, walking you through every step of the way to get you going in weeks. Our trained staff are also able to provide on-site assistance if desired.
Once implemented, Secure-EMR improves quality of care, patient satisfaction and productivity of your entire staff. Secure-EMR helps you capture more revenue from each patient encounter and guarantees that your practice meets MU stimulus requirements.

Benefits of Secure-EMR

Secure, Private Patient Information

Secure-EMR grants each practice  secure, unique access to the server.
Other practices will never see your patients’ information.

You are able to access the system, and subsequently your patient records, from any computer with a web browser and connection to the internet at any time.

Access Privilege-based Patient Medical Records

Secure-EMR allows the practice to set up various access authorization profiles. As a result, clinicians can be assigned privileges that enable seeing only specific aspects of patient information.