Web-Based EMR

Connect patients Information with Easy and Secure

The convenience of an online cloud-based service

Only an internet communication, a web browser, and a certain level of network security are necessary for accessing all of your EMR services. This also means that you are able to access the service from any type of computer, from anywhere provided you have an internet connection, at any time.

The lack of necessary maintenance

No need to worry over hardware requirements, installing software, ensuring compatibility amongst different systems, and then needing to update everything. For example, updates will be handled server-side, meaning that you could come to work one day and find an update notification, and that’s it.  The EMR will also grow with your practice, with no worries or restrictions on the number of patients, records, or users for your account and practice. You don’t need to deal with budgeting and logistics for hardware and software to deal with the ever-growing list of patients.

Security and reliability

A hosted EMR means your data is secured by a team of technology experts, as opposed to yourself and/or any IT professional you’ve hired (or not hired). We apply leading security, monitoring, and encryption solutions to keep your data safe. We are also dedicated to ensuring that the system remains running at all times possible, and will take care of any server-related technical issues, as opposed to you having to deal with computer failures on your own.